The Next Generation Augmented Reality Communications

Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Why FACEmeeting?

FACEmeeting is a browser-based video collaboration service that can be used on any WebRTC enabled device (Smartphones, Laptops & Desktops, Tablets, Smart TV's).

One click meeting

Start FACEmeeting easily without any downloads or plugins with one click using Chrome, Firefox or Opera.


“Bring Your Own Device” - with FACEmeeting you can use ANY device to communicate. Available on Google Play store and Apple App Store!

HD quality

Full screen HD quality video and audio meetings for clear collaboration.

Smart Room System

Now you can make any room with a smart TV a conference room. Smart meetings using Face recognition, voice control and hand gestures.

Collaboration Tools

There are a number of collaboration tools that can be used to enhance your video meetings.


Use the whiteboard to draw and share sketches, illustrate your ideas and more during the meeting.

Document Sharing

Collaborate with each other by writing and editing shared notes during the meeting

Group notes

Write shared notes during the meeting.

AR-MR-VR and Perceptual Computing

Augmented Reality Communications in real-time anywhere in the world

Screen Sharing

Share your screen with the ability to choose a specific desktop or browser window.


Use FM Messenger to chat with your meeting participants. You can also chat other FACEmeeting users at the same time that are not participating in your video meeting.


Safe and secure one click video meetings in the cloud with flexible and unrivaled performance.


Create your own private url that can be shared with anyone and have a face to face meeting in seconds.

Utilize contact lists from your social network(s) and email addresses to invite people to the meeting.

Create multiparty meetings by inviting them via email or through your contact list. It can be as easy as copying and pasting your url into an email to them!

Maintain and access your contacts across all your devices.

Synchronize messages and meeting information.

Automatic browser and APP updates in the cloud.

We secure all incoming and outgoing data using SSL encryption.

Ultra secure video conferencing by encrypting the video, audio and data channels used during your meeting.